Joe cheated.

Here's Proof.

"Remember, Remember, the SIXTH of November, the voter fraud treason and plot."
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New: Trump Legal Team Releases Kraken, Media Ignores

345k votes switched to Biden in 2 states in a single second

Poll workers trained to add Biden and delete Trump.

Soros office space rented to 2 Dominion offices that disappeared overnight.

Votes tabulated outside the U.S by a voting system that disrupted elections in Venezuela and Cuba.

Trump only has 3 lawsuits -- all the rest of the lawsuits are from private citizens and other parties. Contrary to media claims: ALL of Trump's lawsuits are still in play.

Voter Fraud Caught On Tape

"What kind of election is this?" the Asian-American lady says, while she describes the irregularities that happened during her time as Ballot Observer on Nov 3rd. "This felt like a drug deal!"

On Tuesday night President Trump was leading significantly in several swing states including Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Then all of the sudden Joe Biden jumped up 200,000 votes just in Michigan and has the lead over President Trump.

The Asian American ballot observer of the Michigan election says a mysterious van full of ballots arrived at 4 AM in the morning.

Her full testimony -- translated from Mandarin -- can be seen in the video.

The Bombshell #DetroitLeaks recordings.

Multiple Detroit pollworker trainings were recorded explicitly training pollworkers on the Michigan Voter Fraud strategy:

  1. Kick out poll watchers: Prevent the poll watchers from seeing the ballot counting through the excuse of COVID-19 social distancing, even telling trainees to call 911 if they get too close. This was explicitly mentioned as a technique to prevent observation of what the pollworkers are doing. (At one point someone made a joke that the pollwatchers would need binoculars to see)

  2. Challenged ballots, which are supposed to be separated for later analysis, are processed as regular ballots. This is important because challenged ballots are the ones provided to individuals whose eligibility or registration status in the state cannot be confirmed. Before 2020, no challenged ballot would go into the tabulator, because a tabulated ballot is anonymous and could not be identified or challenged in the future. The trainer instructed trainees to cover ballot barcodes with Post-It tape to be able to do this.

  3. Allow everyone with an easily forged piece of paper to vote through the aforementioned "challenged ballots", even people who are not registered in the voting database. Tens of thousands of these "new voter registration receipts" can be generated very easily

  4. Staff polling stations with high-school age teenagers as Electronic Pollbook Inspectors. These teens wouldn't be able to stay until the early hours of the morning, so they have todrop off their laptops with someone else -- and the frauding pollworkers should be the one taking care of the laptop.

  5. No one to call for help

  6. Count challenged ballots, DESTROY provisional ballots.

Videos of incidents of voter fraud poured in on social media, while being censored by Silicon Valley.

We see ballots for Donald J Trump in the trash.

We see ballots with pre-filled Democrat tickers, in which the ballots seemed to be pre-filled by stamping machine, not handwritten -- indicating a massive operation.

Ballots being spoiled -- not being handled within the actual poll-counting location.


Rudy discusses three affidavits filed in Michigan, one from a long-time city worker, one from a Dominion Voting Systems employee performing IT service, and one from a Republican credentialed poll watcher. These affidavits, which Rudy claims are 3 among nearly 100, detail several forms of explicit fraud taking place systematically at the TCF Center in Detroit, including:

- Poll workers instructed to count mail-in ballots without validating the postmark, the signature, or any other voter ID information;

- Poll workers instructed not to request any form of voter ID for in-person voters;

- Poll workers instructing voters to vote straight-Democrat and watching them vote;

- Poll workers accepting in-person votes from people who had already been sent absentee ballots, without requiring them to produce the unused absentee ballot;

- Poll workers running ballots through tabulators 5-10 times to count them repeatedly;

- Approximately 100,000 ballots arriving in unsealed cardboard boxes at 4:30am, after most poll watchers had gone home, which were 100% for Joe Biden, and did not even have down-ballot choices marked;

- Systematic efforts to prevent Republican poll watchers from witnessing, let alone validating, the process by which mail-in ballots were verified and counted

No unGoogled link since you need to give Rudy's YouTube channel some love:

Hacking A Voting Machine? Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience!

Optical scanning / tabulating machines for ballots with amazingly lax security. A pollworker can easily get admin access with a bit of jostling and button-pushing. As demonstrated here, this should raise questions about the sanctity and security of our ballot-counting methods, especially in places where Republican poll watchers were systematically being pushed 30ft away or out of the room.

Software "Glitches" that Favor Joe Biden

A glitch in software (Dominion Democracy Suite, brochure here) used to tabulate ballots in Antrim County, Michigan caused at least 6,000 Republican votes to be counted as Democrat, according to Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox. The miscalculation, Cox said in a press conference, was first reported by a county clerk. A short investigation revealed that 47 counties in Michigan may have also suffered from a similar glitch with the same software, which could have caused some counties to rake in a higher number of Democrat votes than usual.


More here:

6,000 might not sound like much, but if we take all of the counties in Michigan that used the Dominion software and multiply it by the number of ballots that switched from Biden to Trump in just that one county, we get:

(1+47) x 6,000 = 288,000

Joe's margin in Michigan is only about 146k.

The Dominion Democracy Suite software is used in 30 states. Google it.

Republican Poll Watchers Denied Entry to Polls (Videos)

The current media narrative: "Republicans had poll watchers from the beginning! The only thing that is in contention is how far away they were able to watch the ballots being counted."

Reality: Republicans were put 30 feet away from the counting, and ballots keep being brought away and brought in, out of view. In smaller locations with less than 30 feet of space, poll watchers were put outside the room.


Confirmation of Spoiled Ballots Illegally Handled

Hidden Camera Footage of Ballot Harvester for a House Republican Candidate Stealing Votes for Joe Biden.

GOP house candidate Mauro Garza apparently paid $5000 to a "ballot chaser" to harvest ballots throughout the county. The ballots were then used to vote for Mauro Garza himself -- and Joe Biden.

The video includes the "ballot chaser" bragging that she has personally stolen 7000 votes.

Of course, Texas didn't flip to Biden. Key question, though: Is this an isolated incident, and did similar practices flip other states?

Post Office Whistleblower

Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Goes Public, confirms Federal Investigators have spoken with him about Postmaster Rob Weisenbach's order to backdate ballots to November 3rd, 2020 .


Voter Fraud Reporting Form